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Is it Too Late to Start a Business?

Success is what every people’s dream. Many of them were just live their entire live too long to start a business. The problem is that whether it’s too old to start a business and make it success ?

Normally people will just find some work right after they graduated. Work for 2-3 years then they’ll get bored. Some work for many years… Many problems were coming towards them but still don’t get enough courage to stands out and start a business themselves.

Here are the proves that will definitely answers the question above…

Since their 35’s

Jan Koum – Founder and CEO of the World familiar IM apps ‘Whatsapp’
whatsapp, jan koum

Michael Arrington – The World’s top IT Website ‘ TechCrunch’
michael arrington, techcunch

Jimmy Wales – World largest encyclopedia ‘Wikipedia’
jimmy wales, wikipedia

How about 41?

Mark Pincus – The Founder and CEO of many social media games we all know ‘Zynga’
Mark Pincus, zynga

Robert Noyce – World’s main brain in all your device ‘Intel’
robert noyce, intel

Not even 50’s

Ray Kroc – A World’s well known fast food restaurant ‘ McDonald’
ray kroc, mc donald

John Pemberton – Founder of the all time favorite soft drinks ‘Coca Cola’
coca cola, John Pemberton

Some tells that 60’s can’t do anything !?

Harland Sanders – Or we all known as Colonel Sanders. Started a very big franchise with his 62 years old ‘KFC’
Harland Sanders, colonel sanders, kfc

Ask yourself ‘How old are you?’. Whether we’re older than these people or not to start a business by our own?


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Thailand Professionals Business & Lifestyle Awards 2016

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