10 Sentences that Change Mark Zuckerberg’s Life Forever

Who’s ever gonna imagine that a teenage like Mark Zuckerberg would have gone so successful. Becoming the youngest Billionaire in the World with a very massive and probably the biggest social network in the World. From the very beginning, he just wanted to make some directory so that other people can come and take a glance which inspires him in creating Facebook ! But his path is not that easy, he also struggle in sometime as well.

Here are 10 sentences that change Mark’s life forever:

1. Win against someone who look down on you, especially your ex-girlfriend !

Because while he was studying, his girlfriend left him because of his waste life. His girlfriend said to him that he will never going to success in any way.

2. Don’t let any stranger destroy where you are

Mark never cares whatever people said to him. Just go for it.

3. Love what you do, do what you love

Doing what you love always easier than what you don’t

4. Good leader creates leaders, not followers

If you can not motivate yourself, forget about motivate others

5. Let everyone knows that you’re a leader

People like to follow the lead only from a good leader.

6. You can not work alone, you have to build a team

If you wanna go fast, go alone. If you wanna go strong, go with a team.

7. Don’t let other people’s opinion close your doors of creativity

Mark always start with creativity, not possibilities.

8. Don’t get struggle in your work just because friends.

Many time when you work in a group, not all the ideas come together and perfectly fit. You need to find some solution to keep on and finish your job.

9. Don’t let anybody design your own life.

You have your own life, everyone does. Paint your self’s life, otherwise, you’ll painting for others

10. Think big and go for it.

The important thing is that you have to ‘not just think’ but ‘do it’. Make it real.

Even 1000 more statement from 1000 more rich people can not change your life if you’re not doing anything. Dream for your goal, GO FOR IT !


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