11 Lessons You’ll Never Learn From School

Lessons in school or university will teach you to be a good man but real life lessons will teach you to be a great man. Here are some lessons from successful people which you’ll never learn from school.

Lesson 1

Life’s never fair. So get used to it.

Lesson 2

The World never cares how much confident you have. They only see how much your success are before you even proud of what you have.

Lesson 3

The moment you graduate from high school, you’ll never make millions, you’ll never be a president, you’ll never be a CEO until you deserve what you those things.

Lesson 4

If you feel like you’re really greedy or strict. You should have wait until you meet your future boss.

Lesson 5

Poor work don’t devalue yourself. Perhaps, your uncle might get into ‘poor work’ before in the past. They called it ‘opportunities’.

Lesson 6

If you’re dumb, don’t blame any one else. Learn from it. Improve it.

Lesson 7

Before you were born, your Mom and Dad might not be as boring as you see today. But because they’re doing a hard worl to make money for your education. They wash your clothes. They listen to your brag. So before going out to save planet, why shouldn’t you try to tidy up your wardrobe?

Lesson 8

In some school, they separate winners from losers. Some teach you how to lose and even give you opportunities to make it until you win. But in real life you don’t stand a chance of losing anything. Be aware.

Lesson 9

In real life, you do not have semesters. No summer time. And your boss doesn’t care about you finding your future. So, if you want to find what you like… do it now while you have time and chance!

Lesson 10

What you have seen in your TV programs are not quite real. Most of people just eat fast, walk fast and work.

Lesson 11

Make sure you’re doing good with NERDs. You might be their underling in the future.


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