12 Tips on How to Hunt a Job

Nowadays, jobs are needed in every period of life. Not only graduated people will look for jobs but undergraduates as well. Let’s come closer! We’ll tell you how to hunt for a job effectively.

1. Make a Visual Resume’

Plain text resume’ is now gone. Make some more visual and creative resume’ in order to attract viewer’s attention and shot them more you!

2. Network Online

Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media platform, are always good at providing you the networking opportunities. As they’re saying ‘Network is Networth”

3. Network, not Broadcast

Getting with people in network, do not announce your job search.

4. Read up

Stay updated to news and society is always a plus to your future career.

5. List yourself

List yourself on job portals. If you steer your way through spam, you might find a good one.

6. Send mails

Say ‘hi’ to your friends circle. Be specific in your profile so they might lead you towards the right person.

7. Follow Companies

Follow your companies is always good, knowing what they’re up to always helps.

8. Do it at Home

No money waste. No people will looking at you while you browse for a job.

9. Find your Niche

This will help you decide which company will you apply for.

10. Google Yourself

Make sure you always best shown in public. If not, clean the dirt track.

11. Run a Spell Check

Grammar mistakes in your resume’ won’t be a good plus to your prospective employer.

12. Don’t be a Miser, Pay a Little

Pay a concultant or a niche job portal to blast your resume’ to relevant HR companies. Let the pros handle it.

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