5 Bad Habits of ‘Almost Rich’ People


Have you ever feel that you’ve tried so hard working and save money but your saving account doesn’t show a good statement of money, not as good as you planned?

So tired to find money and once you find it you’ll have some reasons to use your incoming money.

Do you know why ? Here are 5 bad habits of ‘Almost Rich’ people.

1. Lazy

You feel like you’ve known everything and you don’t feel like you have to learn anything more. Always ‘have no time’, ‘already know this’ or ‘what to do about it’.

2. Unreasonable Greedy

Always into Gamble business. Whether football gamble, lottery or even stocks.

3. No Money Management

Only knows how to use money before savings and finally he has no saved money. Live their life luxuriously with all the latest gadgets.

4. No Money goal

This is like walking in the forest without compass. Lack of goal also means lack of motivation in savings. Many rich and success people have their goal firmly. They can actually answer themselves clearly about ‘Why do they have to be rich! ‘

5. Complain other rich people as usual

‘ How and why will you be rich, if you keep complaining them ?’ Learn from what they do and think should better help you find some way to your success and goal.

How many habits you still doing ?


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