5 Habits to Success

What do you think most successful people have in similar in order for them to become success? What are their natural habits that really different from us? Find out more here why do they really gone wild !

1. Be a ‘Stubborn’ with Goals and Targets

Thomas Edison creates and tests more than 1,000 light bulbs before we finally create the first success light bulb.

Steve Jobs and his team works more than 20 hrs. a day in order to create the first Macintosh in the World.

Many successful people in history had tried many times to work to create miracle in the World. The similar thing that they all have the same is that ‘they are stubborn with their goals’. They never tired, even they failed in what they had just did. Being motivate and believes in your goal will create this habit for you.

2. Accept the Truth

If you ask many Business owner about ‘How is it going on in your business ?’. The answer you’ll all get is ‘It’s going good.’ until they figure out that their company is going bankrupt in the very next day. But for success people, truth is the best friend.

Jeff Bezos, founder & CEO of Amazon, always be the one who comes up when we talk about truth in business world. Most of the decision he made were based on statistic and current situation of the company. He dares to accept the changes to be made in his company. And many times that he has to close some business that he built himself in order to reorganize the system.

3. Be Discipline

Bill Gates, former founder & CEO of Microsoft, is the real bookworm. Also Warren Buffet and many successful people in the World takes more than 2 hours a day to read books with different genres.

Because they all know that reading books increase their knowledge and vision to manage and help their business, think out of the box and some brilliant perspective to create new innovation. But if you say that you have no time to sit and read, I recommend you to listen to ‘Audio books’ while exercise or drive. Bill Gates used to do that too to reach the maximum time leverage.

4. Share you Ideas and Targets

‘Goal Setting’ is one of the most important in every business and many success people has this habit. But the strange thing is that they always share his ideas and thoughts to their nearby friends and family.

Many people think that you should not tell to somebody else, to prevent them from taking it from you, but NO. Successful people always share their thoughts to other people so that they can get some more suggestions and further more ideas to enhance his ideas.

They perfectly knows that the real success is not just from ideas, it’s from DOING it.

5. Always ‘Think Smart’

‘Know what you don’t know is the real knowledge – Confucius, Chinese philosopher’

One of the forever quote for every scenarios in life. Every business will have the ability to know whether what weakness their face now. So what if you don’t know? Think Smart, work with someone who can help you to leverage your time and success. SWOT analysis is one of the method to analyst your current business status. And adjust your business plan to reach the maximum benefits out of it.

Those 5 habits I chose here is just what I think it’s interesting. But the real ‘how to’ do has many more tiny details.

This article will be just a normal article when you think ‘you already know it’ but the real success people will actually thinks that ‘when will you go for it?’

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