5 Secrets to Boost yout Brain like Einstein

You have no doubt when you mention Einstein, a great and probably the most well known scientist in the World. His brain can generates and created a lot of things to the World. Now, what are the secrets inside where you can think and create things like him? Here are 5 secrets to be like him:

Try solve other people’s problem

When it comes to problem solving, you’ll have a real case and situation to solve. This helps your brain to boost and find ways to solve things.

Talk to many people

Exchange and share your ideas with people who are different from you in many way can help you learns a lot. Release your imagination and ideas inside you.

Think like (un) Perfectionist

If everything has to be done 100% neatly, you’ll get even more pressure on yourself. Try to decrease your expectation and give it what you have. Always improve what you’ve done. This way will also brings more creative to your product or work you’re doing.


Easy and simple thing to do. Laughing creates Endorphin in your brain which makes you relax. You can even think more positive when your brain is in a relax position.


Find some free time to learn how to play music, especially if you learn it by yourself. This way will boost up your imagination and creativity inside you.

All the ways to Einstein’s brain are here now. It’s all about whether you’ll go for it or not! 😉

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