‘5 Simple Keys’ to make 2014 an Absolute Year

Thailand Professionals
Thailand Professionals

I hope 2013 was a great year for you, but if it wasn’t all that you had Someone I talked to the other day said they were too old to thrive. How hoped, that’s OK. It’s the future, it’s what you do now and in the sad. He may not be thriving, but age has nothing to do with it. Nobody year to come that really counts. I want to share some lessons I have is too old, or too young, to thrive, to be excited, to have fun, and to fully learned that I hope will get you excited and envisioned, as well enjoy life.

As dreaming and daring, I want you to have great expectations for all the fantastic and wonderful things that are in store for you, and begin imagining the achievements and successes that you will reach in the year to come.

1. Take charge

Let’s face it. Life can be extremely difficult at times. But we have to realize that’s the way it is, it is not unfair, and it’s not stacked against us. We are not victims unless we choose to be. We have a choice. I lived long enough using excuses as a pretext for why I was not accomplishing more, why I was not happy, and why I was not really living my dream. I am fed up and finished with procrastinating and putting off until the future the ideas I get now. Waiting, procrastinating, excusing ourselves is so demoralizing and debilitating. It drains the life out of you, and leaves you dead, lifeless, and unresponsive.

On the other hand, action and initiative bring life, vision, vigour and enthusiasm. It is only by trying that doors are opened and success is achieved. Without trying, nothing ever happens. Without initiative, success is impossible.

2. Aim for Excellence

Whatever you are working on or aiming for, don’t ever settle for ordinary, average or just-get-by. You are better than that. You are worth more than that, and what you are working on is worth more than that. You may get by with doing average, you may even make some money that way. But you will never get the same satisfaction, fulfilment and joy as when you know you are doing your very, very best. Strive for excellence, and see how much more you’ll enjoy everything you are doing, how much more rewarding it will be, and how much more successful you’ll be as well.

3. Be grateful for obstacles

Whenever you decide to make changes and move forward in any area of life, in business, finances, relationships, or studies, challenges and problems you didn’t know existed suddenly appear. Be grateful. It’s a sign that you are moving forward.

Once you start making progress, you will inevitably face challenges, problems, delays, and obstacles. We all do. What makes the difference is how we handle the difficulties when they come. We can give up, or we can try harder, find an excuse or find a solution. Some of the most amazing discoveries and accomplishments in the history of mankind have been made in the face of what seemed like insurmountable obstacles, to those who refused to give up. If you have the right attitude when you are faced with difficulties and problems, it will help you grow larger, go higher, achieve more, reach farther, and think bigger. Think of the troubles as weight training. They are there to strengthen you, to make you tougher, and to get you ready for the year ahead.

4. Be Enthusiastic

What is that keeps you going? What inspires you? Are you excited about the new day when you wake up in the morning? Does Monday morning put a smile on your face because you have one more week to do what you love? Or do you wake up grumpy, and just wait for Friday to come around because you hate your work? Do you thrive, or just survive?

Whatever you are doing, make sure you have fun doing it, that you enjoy it, that you put your heart into it, that you get enthusiastic and passionate about it. Don’t let one day go by that is just OK, average, so so, not too bad. It’s not what happens that determines how excited or inspired we are, it’s our attitude, our outlook, our expectation. How is your attitude? What are you expecting today, this week, this year?

5. Change Can I? to How can I?

You don’t have to ask yourself, “Can I?” You can! You don’t have to wonder if you have what it takes. You do! You don’t have to question whether the time is right. It is! You don’t have to walk around in insecurity wandering when your times is going to come. Your time is already here. The answer is within you. You already have at your disposal the answers to every question you have ever asked. You have what you need to succeed. You have what it takes to overcome all the odds and win! You just have to change the question *Can I?* to *How can I?* Look for the answers, the possibilities.

So, let 2014 be the year you give it your all, live to the full, hold nothing back, and burn the candle in both ends. Get get excited about the opportunities that are hidden in the obstacles you meet, and get inspired by the possibilities that are concealed in the problems you encounter. Dare to think BIG, expect the extraordinary, and believe in the impossible. It is a brand New Year, and you can make it as amazing as you dare to believe. 2014 is like a new, unused canvas, and you can paint your dreams on there any way you like. Wow! What an opportunity! Let us be unafraid, and paint with bold strokes to create a masterpiece. I am so challenged and excited!

I hope you are too.

by: Havard Lillethum

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