5 Words that Shouldn’t Say in your Entire Life

We all know that many of rich and success Chinese family have started their life overseas with just ‘one mat and one pillow’. Fighting the way up and build their empire in other countries, especially in Thailand. Do you want to know their secrets that has been pass generations through generations? These are 5 words that they have been teaching their children not to even say once in their life in order to make their life success!

1. ‘Difficult’

The moment we said this word, we automatically blocked our potential and capability of doing things right away.

2. ‘I can’t do it’

This word will make you stay away from what you’re doing. Keep yourself away from learning.

3. ‘Discourage’

Life power drainer word which can suck and drain all your energy the moment you say it.

4. ‘Lazy’

Not even just say it for fun! This word can slowly create their forms inside you. Even hardworking can’t guaranteed that you’ll success, so laziness won’t stay a chance.

5. ‘Tired’

When this word comes out of anyone’s mouth, this will psychologically tells your brain to stay flabby and coward to do things.

Imagination is more important than knowledge‘ – Albert Einstein

What you thinks can really shape your actions. Take the right mindset as the Chinese do and go for it !

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