8 Steps to Make Million Before Your 30th

The hard thing in making Millions is making the first million by yourself. It’s hard but not the hardest. Here are 8 steps to make your first ‘Million’ before 30.

1. Create ‘Saving Habit’

Rich knows how to save, not greedily save but smart save. This is the very first steps to gather your money for further investment.

2. Stop wasting your ‘Money’

Be aware that letting your money comes out is much and way easier than putting it back. So, think wisely before you spent. Today’s money is your future’s fund.

3. Multitask, Multiple Income !

Doing only one job is now old-fashioned style now. Try spent your free time ooking for some side jobs. Your side jobs might make more money than your main job 😉

4. Stop saying ‘Cannot’

The WORST word you’ll ever say. You have much more potential than you’ve ever imagine! Go for it, other people can do it. WHy not you?

5. Spread out and balance your ‘Risks’

Imagine you’re in a completely dark forest with no moonlight or even a firefly. How much lamp or torch you would carry with you? If you think one torch is enough, have fun in the dark !

6. Do not stop ‘Learning’

Learning never stops. Even you die you might have to learn how to go to heaven (lol) So do not stop learning. Every tiny little things which happen in your daily life can teach you something. Believe me.

7. Start at ‘Young’

Why do have to wait until 40 or 50 to have your first million in your bank account? Why not start now and retire young ?

8. Don’t wait for ‘Luck’

There’s no FREE lunch. You all need to sacrifice something in order to get something. Waiting is not even in a choice list for those who will definitely get their first MILLION before their 30th.

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