8 Tips on Connecting your Business with Twitter

We believe that no one stand against the massive use of ‘Twitter’ for sure. People connect each one across the world with just 1 thump via twitter. Especially for celebrities, they use twitter to connect to their fans around the world. That’s why twitter is becoming very powerful tools to engage your public audience and customers. Now we’re going to show you how can you connect your business to twitter and use them for your future changes.

1. A USERNAME that CONNECTS to your business

Very important to use your company name as the username in twitter. This make people easy to remember your account. For example Thailand Professionals, we use @Thailandprofs

2. Choose a HEADER IMAGE that relates to your company services

This is more like #1. But the difference is that people is obviously know what kind of services or people you are by just looking at your header image or background. Don’t forget! People remember pictures easier than text !

3. TWEET wisely each time you tweet

The maximum letters for 1 tweet is 140 characters. Use them wisely to send out the message to your audiences. You can also shorten your links, if you have, by get in to some shorten link website like bit.ly

4. Build a twitter NETWORK.

It’s no use if you’re using twitter for a small range. Go and follow some other people and company. Let them follow you back by tweet good things to people.

5. Use twitter to BOOST your services

Create campaigns, answer other people’s mentioned in twitter, CSR and broadcast your words through the World !

6. INTEGRATE add-on services

Sometime we’re not able to sit and answer all the tweets in front of your PC or Mac. So use other devices like mobile phones to engage audiences easier. Sometime you can also add some add-on services to your website and facebook too.

7. FOLLOW UP the twitter usage and data

We can directly check your status of followers right away. Monitoring your business followers can also get you a powerful campaigns for your business too.

8. AVOID bad social habits

Internet has no boundaries. There are people who like you and people who don’t. Do not impose any negative attitude in your tweets.


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