9 Tips to Make a Happy Office Hours

1. Not only you have the problems, EVERYONE DOES

From a research in Germany, 90% of employee do not satisfy in what they’re doing but this doesn’t mean that they’re not working in their interests. Everyone do have their own problems and they’re fighting for their own sake as well.

2. Do not EXPECT

People usually look for high pay rates, good position in company or just a fun environment. Sometimes, it doesn’t be like that. Getting good people and good leader in office will definitely makes your day a very happy day during office hours.

3. Understand the meaning of ‘MONEY’

Some say that ‘Money is the most important on top of everything’. According to some research and studies, no matter how much money we get, we will never satisfy on that because we keep compare it with someone else. Let go of this attitude and you’ll live your life happier.


Sharing is a lovely act which can heals many hard feeling situation. And also, sharing might improve your relationship between your colleague and boss in office. Do not get disappoint if you don’t get any complimen. The company has many people and boss can’t talk to everyone.

5. Do not seek for  JUSTICE

Working with many people will obviously cause an ‘unfair’ situation. That’s normal. Don’t forget that Justice is not automatically occurs from nowhere, it comes with enough information and reasons behind that. Be open! Sometime you moght get something out of the unfair situation as well.

6. TWO is always better than ONE

Still, working in the same area might get some fight or annoying situation. Just ignore it. You’ll have more friends when you can’t hear those annoying sounds.

7. Understand the ESSENTIAL of life

Human grows and matures. Some problem need time to understand and learn from the past. When we’re mature enough, we will be strong.


You shouldn’t get mad with anything unreasonably. This makes you feel moody and bad. Stay classy and chill. Think positive with everything and you’ll be fine. If you don’t know how to start, just start with SMILE 🙂

9. Stay connected CORRECTLY

Talking and communication is very important in office. The right conversation in a right time and place can even make you move a position in your office. So, be humble. Say good things and your life will be easier.


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