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Andrew Leppard, elgin, business consultant

” Life needs coach “, a 3 worded quote but strongly means something to everyone. In life you might get a chance to engage a situation which you can’t find the answer and you really want to find out how to solve a problem. In business world as well, people do still need coaches to guide their way in the professional way.

Andrew Leppard

Born and raised from South Britain. Andrew came to Thailand and work internationally over UK and middle east since 1996. He started working on financial sector, advising international expatriates on financial and investing for a while. After that he officially started his career as a Business Consultant.

Andrew Leppard, elgin, business consultant

Professional Business Consultant

Nowadays, many people called themselves as a ‘Business Consultant’ but what I curious was ‘what should a Professional Business Consultant’ should look like. Here are his perspective:

  • Professional Business Consultant can specialize in many field as long as it is in the area which he or she has experienced
  • Can make sure clients can reach what they expected and also gain profitability
  • Be able to listen and seek out clarification:
    • What do they want to achieve
    • Where are their strength/weakness and also challenges & opportunities
  • Help and guide them to find the answers to add value to their business

It is not going to clients and tells them to do things you want but to listen to what they want and help them achieve it. – Andrew Leppard

Well, it’s not my expertise…

It’s normal that you might not find the right person to talk with right away. Andrew also experienced that situation when clients approached him and ask for what he’s not into but what makes him different from other Business Consultant I’ve met was his answers.

I still give them advices for their business but on top of that I inform them that it’s not my area of expertise. As we all understand, we can actually find out the right solution. Just a proper conversation and lead us to a crystal clear needs, once I figure it out I can guide the clients to a more professional adviser in my professional networks.

Andrew Leppard, elgin, business consultant

How about your top 3 ?

Every one should have their top 3 strengths, Andrew as well.

  1. Focus on client’s profitability, you might not want to mess up with someone else money, do you?
  2. Seek out crystal clear on what client’s need and helps them to achieve it.
  3. Motivation and management of the internal value. Maintain and make sure people around him are happy and stay motivated.

Professional suggestions on how to be a Professional Business Consultant?

  • Focus on your skills, develop it and use it to help other people
  • Keep your heart transparent, open-minded and honest
  • Keep learning and always do self studies
  • Develop people skills especially in psychology
  • Learn from a successful figure in real world. Find one that most motivates you

The key to learning is results and changes. If you keep achieving the same result, it is like you are cheating on the same exam. – Andrew Leppard

Andrew Leppard, elgin, business consultant

Any last word?

I always believe “when there’s a wheel, there’s a way”. It means that you should keep trying new things, you’ll be able to find solutions to any problems or obstacles in life. Also keep in mind that there’s just a thin line of being persistent and being a stubborn and lastly, every success starts with first step.

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