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Thailand Professionals team recently interviewed the CEO of SafeComs Thailand Co. Ltd. Read the article to understand how to protect yourself from the High Risk over the internet.

Bernard Collins, CEO started SafeComs in Australia in the year 1999 originally from Belgium who also served with Apple Europe as the Regional Marketing Manager and later became the General Manager of Apple Belgium. Mr. Collin is also a writer, advisor and a consultant in the field of Internet Safety communications.

SafeComs is a leader in computer and security consulting services

Small and medium enterprise companies today are facing threats from both sides of the law. On one side are the hackers, fraudsters, virus makers and disgruntled employees who will steal your data, sabotage your systems and potentially ruin your business. On the other side are government bodies imposing new rules and regulations, backed by significant legal penalties for those who don’t comply.

SafeComs is here to help you protect your company from both sides of the battle line.

The product and service offerings at Safecoms are a unique blend of existing computer security systems, which were only available to big business, mixed together with internally developed applications to create a perfect combination targeting SMBs, all backed up by years of expertise in the field of Information Systems Security and delivered according to a model of reliability usually only available to large corporations.

SafeComs innovative data security solutions for small and medium enterprises are second to none. We have been leaders in the field of computer security systems since 1999. Our expertise is unsurpassed and we now have the next generation of Business Data Solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of the small and medium business market.

Now you can benefit from the same level of security and backup support that Fortune 500 companies enjoy. SafeComs state-of-the-art peace of mind.

“Security is not a technology it is a business; people today just avoid security because of the lack of knowledge.”, Collin says

When we asked him what does SafeComs provide to its customers he explained and said for people’s confidentiality is important, and that is what we provide Security and safety for our clients.

After talking more with Bernard Collins we understand that Security is not a product, it is a service. When we asked him is it an expensive service his answer was to the point: He said – It is a lot cheaper than to lose your business.

SafeComs Services

Challenges of Internet Security

In this time of total revolution on the Internet and with the creation of social groups with extended ramifications inside most of the businesses and Enterprises, no wonder Internet Security is a growing challenge to most of security experts. The challenges of Internet Security, commonly referred to as the CIA of computers, deals with the 3 main aspects of security:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability

Meaning preserving the confidentiality of the Data, while keeping them unaltered to guarantee the integrity of our model, but making the Data available to authorize users, and only them. It is a common misconception to believe that Security is preserving Data from being accessible. What you need to reach in this model is the correct risk balance between usability and security. Totally secure models are impossible to work with, and totally open models are no better as they quickly become unreliable. The difficulty is in finding a level of acceptable risk that you are prepared to live with.

The same way it is impossible to guarantee 100% safety on any airplane, despite the fact that risks up there are pretty serious, we manage to trust the (some) airlines, the airplane manufacturers, maintenance engineers and air traffic controllers to a point that we step on a plane knowing and accepting the risks to enjoy the benefits of air travel.

With the same philosophy, Safecoms deals with the Challenges of Internet Security in designing computer systems and security to meet the requirement of.

Scalability, Manageability and Interoperability

We make Computer Security using flexible solutions that will grow with your business requirements. We take over total management of your security systems and perform constant monitoring to security your company. And, finally we make Solutions that enable communication between all modules of applications, that can integrate into your existing database or accounting systems, and offer access from thin clients, supporting standard browsers.

SafeComs offers a full range of Computer Security Systems and Outsourcing Security Services, customized to your unique needs, at an affordable price. From day-to-day troubleshooting to strategic long term planning, we manage and support your network through proactive scheduled maintenance, whether it is on-site or done remotely, so your network, servers, computers and infrastructure are running optimally.

The services that save you time and money:


Peppercan is a professional suite of enterprise management tools for small to medium sized business with a focus on ease of use and short implementation time. It features applications covering CRM/sales force automation, project management and collaboration, eMail marketing, quoting, finance, work-flow management, asset tracking and complete integration with major accounting packages such as MYOB, Quickbooks etc.

Why should you choose PEPPERCAN?
  1. PEPPERCAN does it all. You don’t need to buy different application packages for different departments, which reduces costs and complex linking and compatibility problems.
  2. PEPPERCAN keeps all recorded information in one place, enabling automatic data linking and update across departments. Closing sales is easier, faster and minimizes data errors.
  3. Easy, intuitive use. Peppercan requires no special training.
  4. Anywhere, anytime connection. You can access and use Peppercan from any Internet connection.
  5. Ready to go. Peppercan requires no installation. It’s ready for use the minute you sign up.
  • Affordable SaaS solution with full security features guaranteeing safety and security of data. Software is hosted on our dedicated server, fast and reliable.
  • User friendly dashboard facilitating management of KPIs, tasks and project collaboration
  • Easy import and export of Data by administrator avoids being “locked in by the supplier”
  • Full user training manuals and 24 hour technical support by email

Mr. Collin says Join us for our weekly Breakfast events, we serve fresh croissants, orange juice, Tea and coffee. You will learn more about the Safety, the threats and risk in the market and how you can protect your self from danger.

Anything to share to our readers, Mr. Collin ?

  • It is very important to have knowledge in security. Read about security and the risks that you are facing.
  • Most of the biggest Internet criminals are looking for companies and individuals who do not have firewall for their website. Protect your self from someone hacking into your accounts and sending other people emails
  • Talk to professionals in security or lose your business
  • Don’t open emails from people you don’t know those are virus that hackers can get into your computer when opened.
  • Use legal software’s don’t take risk it is not worth it.

SafeComs Network Security Consulting Co., Ltd.
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Tel: +66 (0)2 664 0681 – 4
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Fax: +66 2664 0685

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