Best Real Estate Agent Krabi – Thai Estate Network

Best Real Estate Agent Krabi – Thai Estate Network

From Stone Age cavemen to present-day Hollywood stars like Leonardo Di Caprio, Krabi’s climate and natural beauty have drawn human beings to it for the last 40,000 years – a trend that seems to keep on going.

Facing the warm, wet breezes of the Andaman Sea and situated as one of the southern-most provinces in Thailand, Krabi is one of the longest-inhabited places of human settlement in all of Southeast Asia and is also the home of TEN Thai Estate Network awarded Thailand Professionals Award Best Real Estate Agent in Krabi Thailand 2016.

Even by the standards of the millennia-old Thai culture this region of the country is considered very old and historically significant, as evidenced by the very name Krabi – an ancient Siamese sword that, legend has it, was unearthed when settlers laid the foundation of the city of Krabi (the province’s aptly named capital) several centuries ago.

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But while the original cavemen – 40,000-year-old traces of whom have been recovered in several caves in Krabi’s Ao Luek district – primarily left behind a few stone tools, pottery shards and rock-paintings, today’s visitors are leaving markedly more permanent traces throughout the region. Krabi’s beautiful landscape, its white beaches, its limestone cliffs (favorite haunts for climbers from all over the world) and the 154 beautiful islands off the province’s coast has made Krabi a shooting star among the Thai destinations most favored by foreign tourists, real estate-hungry expats/retirees and Western film production companies.

TEN Thai Estate Network is the oldest and most reputable real estate brokerage in Krabi and via their office in Ao Nang, they assist hundreds of real estate-hungry expats/retirees finding their dream property in this wonderful part of Thailand.

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Combined with all the other beautiful natural attractions, the rich history, the dazzling beaches, the local culture (complete with several ancient folk festivals) and the warm Andaman waters, Phi Phi, Mu Ko Lanta National Park and the rest of the hundreds of sights and thousands of possible activities make Krabi an exceptionally interesting, relaxing and profoundly Thai destination to visit. Or, if your love for this region grows stronger than the holiday fling you’re almost certain to get yourself involved in, you could also join the thousands of foreigners who’ve already put down roots and bought themselves a parcel or two of Krabi with the assistance of TEN Thai Estate Network.

Whatever you choose, Krabi is an experience that is guaranteed to stay with you forever. And who knows – maybe, 40,000 years into the future, archaeologists will dig up your swimming trunks, your climbing shoes and your photos of you and your loved ones grinning happily away whilst diving into the crystal waters of the Andaman Sea. In Krabi, who knows what the waves of history might wash ashore!

TEN Thai Estate Network – Your Dreams, Our Concern!

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