Coin Island Air (CIA) as a Reward Token is on IEO at LATOKEN

Blockchain has changed the way of doing businesses on which the world is relying on since many years. The cutting edge financial technology has given back the trust again which people lost on the financial institutions due to the 2007-2008 global financial crisis which started from the United States and grown into a busted international banking crisis with the collapse of the investment bank Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008. This ultimately gave rise to the concept of Bitcoin and later other cryptocurrencies with the help of Distributed ledger technology and blockchain tech. Since that time we all are witnessing new innovations are setting up the stage for rising business opportunities that can accommodate the needs of the citizens without hampering the trust issues.

Now, the citizens have the option of how to deal with financial instruments as per their education and needs.

Blockchain technology has given the rise of new business ventures worldwide. Out of those only a few of them managed to be on the leading front. Some of them got failed even because of various factors. But, it doesn’t mean entrepreneurs would sit quiet and won’t do anything because of fear of losing or due to government regulations. In fact, it has been seen an awe-inspiring zeal among the entrepreneurs. New and remarkable ventures are coming up in the field and participating in the race to win the game of trust and reliance when comes to their needs and financial management.

Blockchain-based a global cryptocurrency payment platform, Coin Island, headquarter in Korea, is among the few ones which are trying to create a change in the world with its easy, reliable, comfortable, safe, manageable, and believable advanced payment platform which is potentially connecting consumers and stores globally without a language barrier.

“Now consumers and shops around the world able to exchange goods and services safely with the fast payment methods using cryptocurrency,” says the representative of Coin Island.

The multi-lingual Coin Island platform connecting Coin People and Coin Stores while providing all the necessary information which is required to make the decision while making the payment through cryptocurrency. The platform supports four major languages to start with Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and the world’s most used language English.

The decentralized and permissionless payment platform enables the consumers and stores to make easy payments by just scanning QR codes. That means by using Coin People’s QR Code scanner consumers can make payments from anywhere around the world where the store is giving its services. This means Stores can freely take the payments in cryptocurrency from consumers by using Coin Island Online Payment Module.

Till now consumers have considered cryptocurrency as an asset and kept it safe from the future investment point of view. However, with the launch of Coin Island consumers are easily able to make purchases as per their convenience and that to be with lots of discount and other offerings. So, from now spending is possible through cryptocurrency by using Coin Island multilingual payment platform.

With its CIA token (Coin Island Air), consumers are eligible for the rewards. This means consumers would be getting few CIA tokens which are considered as cryptocurrency and can be used for selling and purchasing preferences for the goods and services on Coin Island Platform.

CIA token rewards allocation:

The CIA’s reward quantity is set at 1 CIA which is based on the initial $10, however, the reward volume would be reduced for every 1000, 000 minings. The consumers are eligible to take the rewards when they pay through BTC, ETH, XRP, CIA, and CIT.

In order to serve well, the company has undergone all the obligatory norms statute by the government which is essentially crucial from the customer’s safety viewpoint. The payment platform is accepting Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), CIT (Coin Island Token), and CIA (Coin Island Air) to process cryptocurrency payments. The company has skilfully connected its transaction systems with e-commerce solutions.

The platforms are also able to securely store the cryptocurrencies in Coin Island wallet and further supporting the customers and stores to exchange their crypto assets into fiat currencies without any interruptions, all the information and transactions are encrypted through blockchain technology which is the topmost priority of the organization and also the topmost concern of the user.

Coin Island has interlinked with 23 countries exchange rates with the market price of United States, Japan, Korea, and Europe to calculate the amount of payment in real time into cryptocurrency when stores and consumers make the payment.

In a view to strengthen the cryptocurrency ecosystem and make customers to have reliance on this new financial technology system, Coin Island is doing an IEO of its mining token CIA with Latoken, a leading liquid asset platform with a market cap of $36,481,393 USD and 24(h) volume of $1,874,052 USD at the time of writing.

Coin Island Token IEO Figures:

■ IEO Exchange: LATOKEN ( )
■ Sale Period: Mar. 25th ~ Apr. 24th, 2019
■ Acceptable Currency: ETH
■ Price Per Unit: 0.0000759 equivalent ETH / 1 CIA
■ Minimum Purchase: 100 CIA
■ Token Bonus: 15%

It is clearly visible that Coin Island has started to move on the direction of achieving its goal with a mission to join with consumers, retailers, and enterprise payment infrastructures. It is also connecting merchants with their operational and multi-function services to deliver the best value to its consumers.

For more information on Coin Island IEO, visit the official website

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