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The Korean cryptocurrency payment service provider CoinIsland has announced the acceptance of payment from the stores on a quarterly basis. The updates have released by the company through an email to CoinAdvice.

“The new move is to lighten up the service charges which is generally charged for providing marketing and superior service to Coin Stores. Instead of monthly payment from the stores, we have decided to give comfort to our service takers and charge quarterly membership fee from them.” Said May Cho, CMO, Coin Island.

According to the company, a very nominal membership fee on a quarterly basis would be charged from the stores. Those who are having sales only 1% of the total sales amount would be deducted right after they sell else the sales amount won’t be charged.

Coin Island terms of quarterly charged fee from the Coin Stores is relaxed and easy going, wherein the stores are required to pay a membership fee yearly which is further divided into quarterly basis i.e., Q1- $50, Q2- $50, Q3- $50, Q4- $50. The total amount would be chargeable $200 a year. This is, in fact, a big relief for all Coin Stores including small and big suppliers of goods and services as they are getting the benefits of paying the membership fee in easy slots.

The another benefit is the app is multilingual (English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean) and services of the company is open worldwide.

Coin Island customers (Coin People) can now transfer funds to any store (Coin Store) with a Coin Island app and also able to keep the funds in the wallet around the world using BTC, ETH, XRP, CIA & CIT with a very nominal transaction fee only if, the consumer or store is not listed in the app or does not have an account. The transaction fee won’t be applicable for Coin People and Coin Store. The development seemingly facilitates customers and stores to send and receive money instantly, and probably in the coming stages as per the information, Coin Island is going to highlight a major change in its app. The company is under the development of integrating a solution where people would be able to purchase CIT and CIA token directly by paying through its app instead of going to any other exchange. The service is going to set off in S. Korea initially.

The app provides cryptocurrency payment services along with essential information to the Coin People which is stored at the backend. The information such as reviews, shop location and its menu, wallet management services such as cryptocurrency deposit/withdrawal history of the end-user, balance status, and cryptocurrency quotation service of the country where the user is located.

At present, the company is vouching on its performance of IEO with Latoken cryptocurrency exchange which has claimed to have a registered user base of approx.… 135,000. The sale period of CIA token has started on Mar. 25th till Apr. 24th, 2019 with 15% token bonus.

Reportedly, Coin Island Air (CIA), is a mining token that would propose rewards to the platform consumers when making payments with BTC, ETH, XRP, CIA & CIT on the Coin Island payment app. For more details visit the Coin Island website.

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