Coin Island & Latoken Collaborated: New Partnership Striding Way To Progress

Coin Island, a South Korean global cryptocurrency payment platform announced its association with LATOKEN, a liquid asset platform, which comes under the list of 30 cryptocurrency exchanges, according to CoinMarketCap adjusted volumes.

The cooperation is to do Coin Island token IEO on La Token platform which is an authorized podium for buying and selling the legitimate crypto assets.

Coin Island in its latest move to do an IEO of its Coin Island Air (CIA) token has taken an initiative to establish trust in the jittery crypto space. The company wants to build the undisputable and authentic environment in the digital currency ecosystem where consumers and investors would be able to rely on this new-fangled innovation logically. In an effort, to provide the best possible services to the consumers and stores, the establishment is going through all the vetting stages including technical processes, secure interoperability, an obligation of rules and regulations by the watchdogs of the country.

The CIA is a mining token which is built on a reward system. The consumers will be eligible for the rewards when making payments with BTC, ETH, XRP, CIA & CIT through Coin Island mobile payment app.

The CIA would be provided as a reward which is a cryptocurrency that is tradeable on any legitimate cryptographic exchange where the token is listed. CIA cryptocurrency can be deployed for making payments while purchasing any goods and services on the Coin Island platform.

The official representative of the Coin Island mentions:

“In such a revolutionary space, speculation on ICOs seems to be on its final twitch or probably it would be on its last legs due to bad actors. We at Coin Island believe in reliability and due to this credence, we don’t want to get the funds through ICOs where anybody gets a chance to put the question on us about our sincerity for launching our global cryptocurrency mobile payment platform app. IEO, being a valuable, however, expensive service but when it comes to customer satisfaction Coin Island doesn’t want to fall behind.”

For the readers, it is important to understand the usefulness of IEO to generate the trust factor on the imminent ventures based on this unconventional blockchain tech. The IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) is a transformation of the ICO. It is also a fundraising process like an ICO but, here, the fundraising process is followed by the stringent caveats by the well-established cryptocurrency exchanges and regulators. Also, for the Korean retail investors, or per se any investor the IEO is a much safer way to speculate as the offering is done through local exchanges that abide the reputational damage if there is any fraud.

Presently, Latoken is a growing crypto exchange in a digital asset space. The company is claiming $200+ million daily turnovers with 350+ crypto pairs available for trading, and managing approx.. 135,000+ registered traders on its platform. Joining with Coin Island certainly be a strong decision by the management of LaToken.

Coin Island is a crypto mobile payment service platform by Coin Island Co., Ltd. The payment service app can be a good pick for the consumers due to its multilingual (English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean) support worldwide.

The app is built on blockchain technology which generates trust, having its user-friendly approach, it is suitable for both consumers and stores while benefiting them in a practical way. The firm has adopted the principle that what is good for the customer, is good for the firm and seeking numerous ways to satisfy both customers and stores together to make a balance.

The payment platform sorted in two categories: COIN PEOPLE- a platform for users and COIN STORE- a platform for stores. Both the categories can pay for the product and take the service charges in BTC, ETH, XRP, CIA, and CIT. The high spot is the company respectively providing a secure wallet facility, where the consumer or a store retailer can safely keep their digital assets and use them as per their own convenience all across the globe which works safely and quickly in real-time regardless the time difference and location due to its simultaneous multilingual feature.

Here is the Coin Island Token IEO Info:


  • IEO Exchange : LATOKEN (
  • Sale Period : Mar. 25th ~ Apr. 24th, 2019
  • Acceptable Currency : ETH
  • Price Per Unit : 0.0000759 equivalent ETH / 1 CIA
  • Minimum Purchase : 100 CIA
  • Token Bonus : 15%


  • IEO Exchange : LATOKEN (
  • Sale Period : Apr. 25th ~ May. 24th, 2019
  • Acceptable Currency : ETH
  • Price Per Unit : 0.0000759 equivalent ETH / 1 CIA
  • Minimum Purchase : 100 CIA
  • Token Bonus : 10%


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