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Dr. Luis Filipe
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Dr. Luis Filipe is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Master. He had worked in several countries and now he is based in Luanda – Angola. He is going on giving seminars in other countries and also giving some consultations and treatments. He is well known in Bangkok where he receives so many expat and Thai people. Last month he got Awards from World of Professionals and Thailand of Professionals in Asian Convention 2013. At 22nd December he was the main speaker at BIVA (Bangkok International Vegetarian Alliance), where he explained how Traditional Chinese Medicine treats Chronic Diseases. It was an exciting explanation.

Thailand Professionals

Thailand Professionals : Good afternoon, Dr. Luis Filipe! Can we begin this interview with this question: What is Tradicional Chinese Medicine?
Luis Filipe : Good Afternoon. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest and most complete natural method of healing, that brings to the body optimum health. It derives from Daoist practice based on Yin – Yang theories and philosophy.

T.P. – What therapies are used in TCM?
L.F – The methods that TCM use are acupuncture, Chinese herbs, healthy diet based in yin – yang balance,Chinese exercise like Tai -Chi – Chuan and Chi – Kung, Tui – Na massage, Cupping, moxibustion. All these therapies are completely natural without side effects.

T. P. – What kind of diseases can TCM cure?
L.F – Well, TCM can help cure or heal many diseases with over 90% effectiveness. In some cases TCM can cooperate with Western medicine with a great success. Now, in most civilized countries TCM is practiced side by side with western medicine. In the USA, in the best clinics we can see this reality.

Thailand Professionals

T.P.- Last December 22nd you spoke at BIVA about how TCM can treat chronic diseases. Can TCM really heal these diseases?
L.F – Nowadays, TCM is used to treat various diseases as well maintaining good health. TCM can treat same diseases as Western Medicine ( cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, endocrine, musculoskeletal, neuroligical,mental, genitourinary, sexual related, gynecological, immune system, autoimmune, dermatological or central nervous system disorders, drug addition problems, infection diseases and much more… Oftentimes patients are surprised that TCM treatment helped to resolve their illness. TCM is especially beneficial for chronic diseases for which Western Medicine does not always cure, such as long lasting muscle problems, arthritis, prostatitis and pain. All of these can benefit from acupuncture,Chinese herbs, Chinese massage and other TCM therapies.

T.P – How many years do you practice TCM?
L.F – So many years!!! I began to practice TCM at 1983.

T.P – Why do you want to move now to Bangkok?
L.F – Thailand it was always my spiritual motherland. I love Thai culture and thai people. As you know, since 2004 Im based in Luanda – Angola. Angola is getting political dangerous and a think thats arrived the time to go out safe. So, as I ve so many patients here, and I love so much this country Im going to open soon my SPA – Clinic, here in Bangkok. Ive my Thai friend partner and together we will go make this dream true.

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