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If you talk to freelance writers these days, you’ll notice a general disgust with freelancing web platforms. A new platform called Coinlancer is aiming to meet the needs of the freelancing community and change the way freelancers get hired forever.

Fees a ripoff

If you’ve ever done freelancing work for an online portal, or talked to someone who has, you’ll hear a lengthy gripe session about how much the portals charge in fees. Most portals require either a 20 percent fee on earnings or a 10% fee on earnings plus upfront account fees. These can be reduced over time, but only on a per-client basis. Freelancers are getting ripped off.

Coinlancer provides a simple fee structure that is radically lower at just 3 percent. Since Coinlancer is a distributed Blockchain technology solution, it does not require the same huge fee structure as a centralized profiteering hub like Upwork.

Random freezes

Even if users can look past the exorbitant fee structure, the platforms themselves can be extremely confusing and often unfair. Freelancers find themselves unable to login because of random account freezes, and complex algorithms for top ranks can frustrate users who are working hard to move up but don’t.

Coinlancer provides a distributed answer to this issue through Blockchain technology. Rather than centralized hub structures that determine user violations, other freelancers determine violations through the ‘Freelancer Tribunal’, a user-based distributed voting mechanism. Users themselves can now determine which rules are fair and which are not.

Further, when disputes do arise on a normal centralized system, convoluted internal policies determine outcomes, and frequently with arbitration costs paid by the freelancers or clients. With Coinlancer, the Freelancer Tribunal determines these decisions fairly and without bias.

Secure payment platforms

The current freelancer world is rife with payment problems. Every freelancer would be quick to tell the most painful non-payment story they’ve experienced. Nothing is more frustrating than working hard for a client, only to find that the client has suddenly disappeared, or the escrowed funds are rejected. On a traditional platform, there is nothing the freelancer can do, even as they watch the client user ID disappear along with the money they deserve.

In the Coinlancer model, all payments must be escrowed up front using the Coinlancer tokens, meaning that nonpayment can never occur. Even when disputes arise, the Freelancer Tribunal will make final decisions and divide the funds according to their decision. This methodology protects both client and freelancer, and keeps funds protected throughout the job process.

Additionally, as the platform grows, the demand for Coinlancer tokens will grow as well. Freelancers who hold tokens will be able to profit on the platform growth through their tokens, making working on Coinlancer a double investment.

Join the revolution

The Coinlancer platform promises to create a space for freelancers where both client and freelancer are treated fairly, and payments are protected and safe. As the freelancer market continues to grow, so will the demand for such platforms.


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