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From just personal likes and develop to a real money maker business. Come closer to know her, Kalanya Nee-Wong, owner of Kalanya Dress Rental & Consultant.

Once we connected with her, we’re really in eager to have a conversation with her. One of the most motivated and energetic woman we know.

We went to her shop, Kalanya Dress Rental, located at The Corners Gym at Ratchapruek road. Easy and comfortable car park in front and a warn welcome from her and her assistant.

We sat down and properly introduce ourselves, with a humble characteristic of her makes a really flawless conversation together between us.



Graduated from Bangkok University in the field of English Language, faculty of Humanities since 1998. With a well constructed business from her family, she has to obviously be part of her family business.

Her family were doing printed-tape. If you can’t imagine what printed-tape is, just think of a scotch tape with a logo or word printed on it. And as a woman and also daughter of the family, she has to attend the events every time their family are going.


Originate Ideas

As I was saying at the beginning of the post, it is just really a personal thoughts in a second of the life that she wants to wear each dress in each event and conferences without picking up the same dress. And not only that, her dress she picked should be the best quality she can find in that time.

So she popped up an idea that she wants to make a Dress Rental Shop with a really high quality of dress for other people to dress.


Get Started

Once she gets the ideas, she ran for it and it’s fast enough that she could renovate an old one block space in to an awesome dress rental shop. With the core of a business owner, she helps getting everything prepared for her constructors to get what best they want in a short in order to complete the construction as fast as they could. Not only that, while she has some free time she used to go around and do some survey on what services they normally gives to their customers in other dress rental shop.


She clearly sees what her rental shop will look like in her own imagination, what she just did was express it to other people to see the same image of her. That’s another important key success of building her shop.

Turning key points

What are really the turn keys on what she’s thinking differently from other normal dress rental ?

First of all, I’d like to say that the way she thinks are a bit off from normal people. She didn’t think on what we must do, but she thinks on what we actually wanted to do. For example, the shop will close on Monday. Not because it’s a lazy Monday but she thinks that on Monday people have a lot of work to do since it’s right after weekend so not many people would have time or have enough energy to come out and look for a dress.


Another key point that makes Kanlaya Dress Rental stands out is that she picked up what best for woman with a plus on what she can advice every woman to meet up with the dress that perfectly suit their looks.

We’re open to all the possibilities on what every customers reality is. – Kalanya Nee-Wong

Not only dress rental services she has, she also let her customers pick up and accessories and jewelries along side with them to perfectly match with the dress as well ! Even before you rent a dress, she will kindly advice you on what questions or scenarios you will be in the real situation. Wits these advice, you’ll be sure that you’l be the most beautiful women in what ever event you step in.


Success Tips

Loving on what you’re doing is the best power source to drive you to work hard and success. Once you feel like you don’t want to get up and work, that might be some little point for you to consider a development on whatever you’re doing in that time.


As we said in the beginning, she graduated from a field of language but what she’s doing is shop rental. What she wanted to say is that we don’t really needs to work in the same field of career on what we’re graduated from. Grab the opportunities and make it real. Do not flow along the waves, be the one who surfs on the waves ! Kalanya Dress Rental & Consultant.

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