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Welcome readers once again to our Featured Professionals. Today we’re going to introduce you a business woman who’s willing to share ideas and thought in order for you to get the ideas of how to bu successful in your life.

Thailand Professionals: Hi Khun Mae, nice to meet you. Shall we begin with the questions ?
Methavinee Butsarn: Hi Thailand Professionals.  Yes, sure!

TP: Can you please kindly introduce yourself and what are you doing at the present time?
MB: I’m Methavinee Butsarn, or you can call me ‘Mae’. I consider myself to be an entrepreneur and have always had a fascination with both marketing and beauty from an early age.

Originally, I studied and pursued marketing as a choice of career, but also had a passion for entrepreneurship. I am involved with numerous enterprises ranging from trading in commodities such as rice and many aspects of the health & Wellness industry including being a successful international model so the Facial Massage business became a natural extension of what I actually enjoy doing.

I connected with Pravinia Group just a few months ago as business partner responsible for the overseas market, but my main focus right now is to promote the Facial Massage technique to the Thai customers’ as it is still relatively new in Asia. I myself have taken the course and was truly amazed at the results and I will continue to learn more every day as the company continues to grow as more people find out just how remarkable this Facial Massage technique is.

TP: Wow, interesting! Can you please describe more about your Facial Massage ?
MB: The Facial massage itself is our special method with what we call the empty-hands technique which is a combination of both Thai and Japanese styles of massage to help create that V shape face that is so popular in South Korea; the majority of Asian women would like to have this V shaped face but it’s almost impossible to achieve without surgery. A Pravinia facial massage will not only give you this V shape but will also lift your face removing wrinkles, sagging skin, lines around your nose and forehead.

The massage involves a series of different massage techniques which will create a natural facelift without the need of any surgery whatsoever so you not only look but also feel younger. With our natural face lift massage you will feel good and you will look really good the combination of the massage on the facial area will help to improve your complexion, it will help remove bad toxins from your face which in turn will help remove and reduce age spots and fine line wrinkles in your face and neck. With our facial massage there are no side effects to worry about and the results are instant.

  • It will also enable your body to Increase the blood circulation, allowing blood vessels to move nutrients more efficiently to your skin’s surface as well as help stimulate the nervous system.
  • It will greatly Improve lymphatic flow, which results in moving bacteria & toxins away from skin cells
  • It will also both strengthen and tone the muscles in your face, which will stop your skin sagging and from fine lines occurring.
  • It will aid in the repair and the balance as well as the condition of the skin, which will help minimizing the ageing process

At Pravinia we guarantee that we will make you not only look but feel 10 years younger, without surgery, Botox, chemicals or side effects.

Our Students all attend a 3 day initial course to learn these techniques for which they will receive a certificate of proficiency, thus allowing them the opportunity to open up their own face Lift Spa businesses around Thailand, it doesn’t stop just there though; we also teach our graduates from our courses how to market their business through use of social media such as Facebook, Youtube and SEO (search engine optimization), they also learn how to treat customers and they benefit from also being able to attend our training classes as many times as they want to continue their training experience at no extra charge.

TP: That’s a great way without surgery. Really gets my interest. How many shop or school opened so far ?
MB: We just have just one location at the moment as we are still a relatively new company focusing on our techniques and training prior to rolling out across Asia.

TP: And how do you plan for your future in the business ?
MB: Our plans for the future are to expand our current operations throughout Thailand and with the opening of the ASEAN community in 2015 we fully intend to take our company overseas. We are in the process of creating our processes and operations to enable us to prepare our students to teach facial massage techniques overseas that will form part of a Franchise model we are currently developing.

TP: Super great vision of the Business Owner! Do you have something to kindly share with our readers ?
MB: My mantra in both my life and business is relatively simple, I work with passion and I love what I do. You have to believe in yourself and not let people tell you that your ideas and dreams are just fantasies.

Trust in your instincts and follow your heart. I am flexible enough to quickly adapt to change and I treasure every success and failure because I learn to grow from these. Today its now considered normal and acceptable for women to start a business as well as being positioned in boardrooms in leading businesses at an unprecedented rate. Women today are also responsible for making significant contributions to economic growth in Thailand and not just in the beauty industry, we can show we are as equally talented as men.

Success should be based on talent not gender or background for that matter. This is what drives me to succeed in business no matter what I do.

TP: Thank you very much for your precious time with us today.
MB: Really appreciate sharing thoughts with other people too. Thank you Thailand Professionals.

TP: Oh wait, how can we contact you if we want to go to your massage school ?
MB: Well, here”s our contact. Visit us anytime !

Pravinia Group,
Sorachai Building, 22th floor, Sukhumvit 63,
Klongtoey Nur, Wattana, 10110, Thailand
Phone: 087-2658728

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