Movers & Shakers

Movers & Shakers (M&S) was founded in 2009 by a group of business men on the Eastern Seaboard (ESB) of Thailand.  They were inspired by the monthly corporate network functions of the popular Lighthouse Club (LHC). The intention was to grow an ANNUAL corporate GALA network.

Movers & Shakers held its first function in September 2009 which turned out to be a great success with over 400 guests attending. The following events were executed in 2010 and 2011 resulting in over 1,000 attendees for both events in total.To-date, in access of THB 625,000 (US$ 20,000) was raised by M&S; donated to domestic charitable causes in Thailand. It has become the biggest annual Corporate Network event on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.

Beginning 2010, the M&S founder became Chairman of the Lighthouse Club Pattaya committee.
The monthly LHC network events grew from 20-30 attendees to an average of 300 guests per function.

Since 2009; together M&S and LHC raised over THB 4 Million (US$ 130,000) for charity.

As it seems that there is a mutual growing interest of business entrepreneurs from Bangkok looking at the Eastern Seaboard vice versa, we have now decided to introduce a MONTHLY M&S corporate network event to Thailand’s metropolis BANGKOK.
We expect an inter-action between Bangkok and the Eastern Seaboard network activities that might bridge the gap between both hubs.


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