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Founded in March 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand, Very Local Trip is a trusted community marketplace for travelers who want to meet real locals around the world and share unique life experiences during their trip.
What is Very Local Trip ?
Very Local Trip is the perfect alternative for people who want to discover a destination differently and explore alternative spots, away from standard guided tours. We make it easy for travelers to get connected with passionate locals who will share with you the authentic aspects of the local culture.
Our Mission:
  • Promote local cultures and traditions
  • Help travelers to discover a destination differently
  • Contribute to the local development, and develop individual interactions with local communities
  • Make foreign cities more accessible for the visitor

With Very Local Trip, you will make the most of your time, explore unique local spots, and discover hidden places that only locals know about. Try the unusual now, and be ready for an unforgettable experience !

Travel really differently! Book a local experience with Very Local Trip!
Escape from the hyper-touristic places! We all want to travel, but no one wants to feel like a simple tourist, waiting in line at the places where only tourists go… Only a local friend can provide you with something different than the visits that are usually propagated by inflexible group tours. With Very Local Trip, you will discover new horizons and maximize your time during your holidays! Explore and get to know what is behind the endless cliches! We believe that the secret of a city is to look deeply in simple things… With Very Local Trip, you will explore unique local spots and alternative sights that only locals know. Feel, watch, listen… Be ready to be actor – not only a spectator – of your trip, and learn more than in any guide book! Travel safely and enjoy a 100% peace of mind experience! To make sure the quality of the experiences offered by our local friends is guaranteed, we have set up an extensive review system, including personal visits by our local ambassadors. Trust is what makes it work. That’s why travelers feel confident to book a local trip with us! Get value for money ! We collaborate only with passionate locals who really know their city, share our values, have a “can-do” attitude and strive to fulfill your expectations at a reasonable price. As a traveler you also contribute to create sustainable income for locals. That’s what we call “Value for Money”.

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