P1 Token – Announce Their First Real Estate Fund to be Registered in Singapore for the Issuance of a Security Token

P1 Token is the first real estate fund to be registered in Singapore as Registered Restricted Collective Investment Scheme for the issuance of a Security Token. Managers of the P1 Token plan to raise a total of Singapore Dollar Two Hundred and Two Million (S$202,000,000), equivalent to United States Dollar One Hundred and Forty-Four Million (USD 144,000,000) through a Security Token Offering (STO).The P1 Token can thus be traded on Regulated Securities Exchanges whilst the managers of P1 Token will also invest, directly or indirectly, on the proposed mix development.

What is P1 STO?

P1 STO is an offering of 180 Million P1 Tokens to raise Singapore Dollar Two Hundred and Two Million (S$202,000,000), equivalent to United States Dollar One Hundred and Forty-Four Million (USD 144,000,000). The purpose of this offering is to invest in the PD One5-star lifestyle beach resort development project.

Overview Of Pd One Project

PDOne, with an estimated Gross Development Value (GDV) of USD250 million, is set to be a world class 5-star lifestyle beach resort with all the facilities that tourists and high-end consumers will enjoy. The manager aims to develop the beach resort in the vicinity of 3rd mile, off Port Dickson which is also a coastal resort and business hub, a place of pleasure for both foreigners and locals.

Primarily, there will be the development of a Water Front Resort that will include 182 units of Water Villas, which will cover an area of 11.9 acres. Additionally, it will also consist of a 7-storey 5-star hotel with a capacity of 141 rooms and a 15-storey Service Suites with a capacity of 250 units, which will cover the remaining 5.5 acres.

Competitive Advantage

The project has an approved development plan. It has a strategic location at Port Dickson Town Centre. Kuala Lumpur City, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) are only 60 minutes drive away from the project location. It is the only 3hours drive from Singapore via the North-South Expressway. The only Water Villa development with unit sizes of more than 1,000 sq ft each. Moreover, the 250 Unit service suite is fully furnished and equipped to cater for long stay guests or families. The 141 room Hotel provides 5-star luxury for more privacy. 5-star facilities and amenities such as 750pax banquet hall and meeting rooms to cater for large functions and meetings. They have the first and only premium range water villa, hotel and suites, beach (facing) resort development in port Dickson Town Centre.

An Amazing Team of Developers and Advisory Board Members

A well-seasoned team of entrepreneurs and developers are building the PDOne platform with their extensive experience in the banking industry, ICT, financial management and reporting, fundraising, corporate restructuring, and strategic business development. The team members include some of the most noteworthy figures in the blockchain space such as:

• Haji Mohamed Fauzy Bin Haji Abdul Hamid (Chairman): In the year 2018, his company, Mofaz, received an SME and Entrepreneurship Business Award in the Excellency in Business Award category.
• Dato Wong Chung Sing (Executive Director): C.S. Wong brings in 29 years of experience and his incredible entrepreneurial skills and his resilient has been proven over the years.
• Gananathan Samarasan (Chief Operating Officer): Gana brings in vast experience in the banking industry, ICT, strategic business development and in Green Technology.
• Chu Kheh Wee, Danny (Chief Financial Officer): Danny has over 23 years of experience in financial management and reporting, fundraising, corporate restructuring as well as internal control and risk management activities.
• Ken Kwok Weng Khing (Marketing Director): Ken owns a Bachelor of Arts from Greenwich University, London. He also pursued another Bachelor of Architecture degree in the Curtin University of Technology in Australia.
• Sim Wah Siang (Project Director): Sim Wah Siang brings in vast experience in the agriculture, architecture and project management sectors.
• Dr. Valery Tsepkalo (Advisor): Dr. Valery Tsepkalo is a Belarusian diplomat and executive and founder of Belarus Hi-Tech Park.
• Dato Sharifuddin Bin Abdul Wahab (Advisor): Dato Sharifuddin started his career as a lecturer at the Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (UPM) in 1982.
• Dato’ Yusli Mohamed Yusoff (Advisor): Dato’ Yusli graduated with a Bachelor of Economics from University of Essex, England and qualified as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.

Token Sale

The STO starts in 10 days. In presale, the project has raised $1 million. The project offers enormous benefits as it carries advantages such as profit sharing through the distribution of dividends, bonuses and incentives; and privileges for TSM. They are targeting investors from the global market however their focus is primarily those from Indo-Pacific and Europe. The P1 Token can also be traded on Securities Exchanges all over the world. Accredited Investors from Singapore are eligible to purchase the P1 Tokens during the offer. Each Accredited Investor (Singaporean) can invest a minimum of S$200,000 or its equivalent.

Visit the Website: https://www.p1sto.com
Read the One Pager: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/d646de_5767bcb4fcb443e290b217177062129b.pdf
Read the WhitePaper: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/d646de_94be3169e33e4ace8a8c2ceeecf307fe.pdf
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