President of Liberland Partners With CoinAdvice, Will Join the Conference as a Keynote Speaker

The CoinAdvice team is delighted to announce Vit Jedlicka, the president of Liberland, as a keynote speaker at the Largest Blockchain and Crypto Conference in Asia at an event called CoinAdvice, taking place in Pattaya from March 4 to 6, 2019.

Notably, economist Vit Jedlicka has created a virtual state, called Liberland, which runs on cryptocurrency donations and will launch its own token in the coming months. Half a million people have applied for citizenship to the “nation” – which sits on a sandbank stretching 7km next to the Danube River (between Croatia and Serbia), 10km south of the Hungarian border. Eventually, Jedlicka wants to turn over running the country into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). He believes people “that actually make the country possible and have contributed to its creation” should be the ones with the power to make decisions.

CoinAdvice Conference will shed light on how the Blockchain and Crypto industry has taken a hit because of the bearish crypto market sentiment. We clearly see that neither the right message is brought out nor enough awareness is created among educated people about the Blockchain and Crypto domain. Our main focus at CoinAdvice Conference would be to create the awareness and educate people about the various aspects of this industry. The conference will witness experts who have navigated the transition from start-up to scale-up and have vast experience in designing the macro and micro-economic token design. They will also shed light on the future of the crypto and digital assets in 2019.

The conference will witness an unprecedented agenda where a whole track will be given to crypto friendly governments who will be showcasing their ecosystems and highlighting their respective blockchain initiatives. Global announcements are expected to be made. The conference will witness an engaged audience of C-level financial services and enterprise tech executives, Coin Owners, ICO service providers, cloud providers, CEO’s from disruptive start-ups, government and policy leaders, venture capitalists, developers, startups, investors, media, and many more.

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