Steve Jobs once said, “Companies must have a noble cause, and it’s the leaders job to transform that noble cause into such an inspiring vision, that it will attract the most talented people in the world to want to join it.”

Shahin Noble Pilli, the Founder & CEO of Usereum, Asia Blockchain Expo & Crypto Currency Expo, along with the Global Crypto Hub Community, a knowledge center that provides cryp-to-exponent (a common platform to nurture and network), also believes in this notion of striving toward a noble cause with an inspiring vision for the community.

Pilli’s Asian Networkers Convention & Expo can be regarded as one of the largest groups of Networkers in Asia, bringing forth a new breed of high-quality professionals in Block-chain Technology.

He is an wholistic-thinking entrepreneur aiming to make people safe in what is currently seen as a highly volatile digital currency and payment system.

Through his valuable and unsurpassable idea of dealing in digital transactions, he introduces a safer, more secure option: Usereum.

No doubt, in 2018, virtual currency will reveal its growing stake over the vigorous and strong bent toward minimalist and digital living which encourages the business and financial sectors to grow a day-to-day payment option that secures remittances. Userum delivers the security against fraudulence, analyzes transactions with transparency, and provides an uncomplicated, user-friendly solution.

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