Should everyone become Vegan?


The word veganism has many different reputations, feelings, and meanings to it depending on the country. In Thailand, veganism is more known as a “vegetarian diet” derived from Buddha’s teaching that life is sacred and that killing sentient beings is unjust. During the very colorful 10 days vegetarian festival in Thailand, towards the end of the year starting between September to October, this teaching is being acknowledged and locals are usually trying to stick to a “vegetarian diet” during that time. The dishes are typically Thai or Chinese inspired with ample of mock meat dishes, soy, and sticky rice-based desserts.

Vegan food as such has not been very familiar in the local community. You can easily have a good idea of the eating habits and food consciousness of a community by just looking into the supermarkets. Only 5 years back in time there was not even 1 single item with any vegan labeling in the supermarket shelves in Thailand. Looking for vegan products was some kind of finding a needle in the haystack situation. Now in 2018, you will not only find imported and locally produced products that are vegan and also labeled as such, but organically grown products have become another important focus as well.

Supply and demand have gradually changed over the past years and it is noticeable in every supermarket shelves in Bangkok. Also, restaurants and cafes have noticed the demand and offer not only vegetarian dishes but also vegan-friendly options. It seems that especially new restaurant owners are more inclined to change and adapt their menu to also serve the growing vegan community in Thailand.

It shows how powerful we can be all together if we stop consuming certain products and demand food that are truly beneficial for us and the planet. But more importantly, it is about looking out for yourself and nurturing your body with the food that helps you to thrive not only physically but also mentally.

Regardless to say, it is not about veganism or any other type of diet, it is rather about taking individual actions and being aware of the food that we consume. Know where the food actually resulted from and how it is made. If we don’t have enough time to take care of our body and actually invest time and energy, nobody will. And everything starts with yourself.

Maricel’s suggestion: Educate your mind and understand what you eat. Gradually, you will open up a new dimension for yourself that you have not noticed before and you will make your own choices that resonate with who you really are.

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