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Once again from Thailand Professionals, we got a chance to interview one of a great man here. He’s in a field of IT Technology as well but more literal in background support. Let’s get to know him and his thought more.

Thailand Professionals: Please kindly introduce yourself and your company.
Sittichai Pechmokul: Thank you very much. Hi, I’m Sitthichai, a lawyer and owner of Brand Thai Dot Com Co., Ltd, a one stop about Intellectual Property Consultant for your company. Our service starts with thinking of a name for your brand, design your logo, copyrights, patent registration, consulting for company about making a brand.

We do research on your ‘Brand name’ and make sure that everything’s alright. Decrease the chance of illegal copy of your products and increase a chance of successful registration on your products.

TP: I have some curious point. Lawyers do have many different department within, why do you choose to be an expert in copyrights and branding?
SP: Doing and working in what you love, you’ll give it all the best you have. It might be my personal taste on learning about brands and designs since I was young. I graduated my first diploma in 1996 (or 2539), I was 21 years old. I started a company about computer with my brother.

In that time, I get to know a lot more about brands and copyrights especially about developing software and technologies. So I started to take it serious on learning about copyrights with a vision that “Copyrights will be very useful for businesses in the future.”

“Copyrights will be very useful for businesses in the future.”

I continue my study in Master Degree in Thammasat University about law, especially about copyrights, and with a strong background doing business I can adapt all the knowledge with business very well.

TP: What do you have in mind about today’s Copyrights with Social Network?
SP: Our World develop so fast and also it makes our world so small. WIth just one touch through internet, you can connect with another person across the World with less than a second ! Incredible !

The more our World develop, the more time we spent in front of monitor. We have many social network to engage customers. This is a huge chance for business, like us, to use this form of media and advertise  our company.

However, thing has 2 sides. When ever we advertise REAL products, FAKE products are coming in to market as well. The more we launch new REAL product, the more chance of those FAKE is coming too. So, business needs to have a consultant specialize in this field to prevent these things to happen.

TP: Lawyers need to work directly in person with customers. From your 15-year experiences, what do you learn and want to share to us and our readers.
SP: Working with people is an art, also a science. It’s upon us to manage and use it according to what situation we face. I have some point for myself that want to share to you:

  1. We need to give client our services that’s coming from our heart. Just ‘Thank you’ or even ‘Smile’ can bring a very good atmosphere while we work.
  2. Always prioritize group benefits before self benefits.
  3. Assign the right work with the right people
  4. No one’s perfect. Accept the mistakes. Learn from it. Improve it.

TP: Last question, do you have anything to share to our readers? Especially the one who wants to jump in to this field of Lawyer.
SP: For those who wants to start this career, I’d like to say that every job has its own important. Just do want you like and love. At first it might be really hard to start, the things is that we need to keep going, keep practicing and give it all to what you like.

Learn from your mistakes and develop yourself everyday. Being sincere and Honest to your client is the KEY SUCCESS.


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