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With legends of kings and kingdoms, traditions and religion, Sri Lanka’s culture dates back to the birth of time. It is no wonder that UNESCO recognized 8 resplendent locations as World Heritage Sites. Standing tall for centuries, Sri Lanka is home to historical edifices like you have never seen before. With a potpourri of cultures and religions now harmoniously living together, Sri Lanka offers the remarkable diversity a traveller thirsts to experience in a compact location.


373975_409972695698719_1511305968_n“Come Visit Sri Lanka” is one of Sri Lanka’s fastest growing tour management companies. Located in the beautiful hill city of Kandy, we offer absolutely the best in personalized holiday services in Sri Lanka. We specialize in day tours, guided tours, tailor made packages, and much more.

We offer a very personal service – we listen to your preferences and requirements and make detailed proposals of what would best suit your needs, crafting individual itineraries. Drawing on the team’s expertise in Sri Lanka, we make considered recommendations and offer you the benefit of our great contacts and unique insights. We take away all the hassle and take care of all the details while offering you competitive rates.

Our modern fleet consists of a wide variety of vehicles to suit your transportation needs. All of our vehicles are exceptionally well maintained, and prepared to the highest standards of cleanliness. We have ensured comprehensive insurance on our vehicles and its passengers as well. Our dedicated team consists of drivers who speak English. Their experience and knowledge about Sri Lanka enable you to make the most out of your time.

529695_409971025698886_379650974_nOur business also focuses on social responsibility to support the development of Sri Lanka. We not only create value for our clients but also integrate social and environmental considerations into the day to day operational practices, policies and strategies of our company.

When you choose to Come Visit Sri Lanka we not only want you to come see our emerald isle, we also want you to immerse in this wanderlust in all of its beauty and magic. Whether you are planning a family vacation, a solo journey, a honeymoon, a trip across the lofty Adams Peak, or Sri Lanka’s most beautiful beaches, we will help create unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever.


The island is waiting for you to explore it.Come Visit Sri Lanka and experience something extraordinary.

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