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Stanley Kang | JFCCT

Recently, Thailand Professional Interns team has received a great opportunity to interview Mr. Stanley Kang, the chairman of The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT).

JFCCT was founded in 1976. The purpose was to promote trade and investment in Thailand. This year, Mr. Kang, originally from Taiwan grown in Thailand, was elected to be the chairman ofthis umbrella organization. He alsois the CEO of Tuntex Textile.

Since the start of the interview, we got to know that Mr.Kang is one of the most philosophically inspiring men you’ll know. Mr. Kang has been in a vice-chair for 3 and a half years and also has been in duty for the chairmanship for half a year. This year, Mr. Kang has been chosen as the chairman of the organization.

“We knew that Thailand is a beautiful country and there are lots of foreign investments here. We faced lots of difficulties and there are things that need to be changed. So every year, we get together with the Thai’s government to discuss, to understand the current situation and which part we ask for it to be changed.”
– Stanley Kang

What skills do you think it requires a person to become successful?

Communication is one of the most important skills that would enable a person to become successful. As Mr. Kang stated, “the quality of your life is the quality of communication.” Discussing is one of the keys to success. We live in a world where miscommunication happens all the time. You have to discuss with many different types of people, for example your friends, your suppliers, and even your enemies.

Nowadays, there are lots of technology devices that have changed as well as developed our lives. In any way, communication still is one of the most important factors that will forever go on.

How does a business join a Committee?

Mr. Kang explains to us, what happens when people start working together and form a business relationship. Mr. Kang said the following: “When people and their business join with the Chambers, everybody gets the chance to exchange their ideas and concepts. There is a lot of networking, so you get to know people in different business sectors. Then, all of the members get together and talk about Business Involvements. We try to find the best way for each Business to be able to take part in the Business Involvement.”

Do you have any difficulties regarding organization and how do you managed to overcome those problems?

One of the key problems that he indentified during the interview was communication. While explaining to us how they were making negotiations with other companies and groups, He said that it’s not all the time that everyone understands what the other’s intentions are. The solution he had was improving their communications skills and solved it through “listening” and learning from other people’s perspectives in order to widen your range of understanding. An exchange of views and ideas are also needed to solve the problems they were having.

The company’s biggest accomplishment, or as he stated it, their “asset”, is the team work that is present in the work environment in which all of the employees take part of JFCCT manufactures Textiles and garments. There is a lot of automation and internal trading involved, which means an awful lot amount of hard work. But as Mr. Kang said, “We do what we can to contribute to the society.” And this surely inspired us to do our best to contribute to the society as well.

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