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Steve cheach, GET, global entrepreneurship thailand

Thailand Professionals once again get a exclusive chance to meet a special guest who works really hard to provide opportunities for many entrepreneurs in Thailand. Let’s come closer to meet Mr. Steve Cheah, President of Global Entrepreneurship Thailand (GET).

Global Entrepreneurship Thailand

Global Entrepreneurship Thailand (GET) an organization associated with Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), a campaign happening in 150 countries around the globe. This is the largest and most progressive entrepreneur movement in the World nowadays.

Our objectives is to

  1. Promote Entrepreneur activities and events to inspire young people to look at entrepreneurship as an option for them.
  2. Connect opportunities for young businesses and startups
  3. Provide mentalship to organizations and startups in order for them to grow in their business.

Steve cheach, GET, global entrepreneurship thailand

Entrepreneur VS Businessman

As this organization is dealing with entrepreneur, I asked him what is the meaning of entrepreneur and is there any differences between entrepreneur and businessman. And his answer is will change your perspective as well!

Entrepreneur means to enter into a new venture, and that venture can be anything that you may or may not familiar with. Discovering new possibilities, opportunities and problems with a mindset of “What ever comes, I’m gonna make it!”

Opportunities in your perspective…

Many people quite often hear this word, opportunity, but not many people understand what it really means, find it out here!

Opportunity means he availability of a possibility that can be pursue.
– Steve Cheah

Opportunities is all around for anyone to do business or anything is their lives. But as he mentioned above, to take advantage on opportunities, you’ll have to be ready psychically and mentally. This means you’ll need a right resources and, most of all, the right mindset to make that opportunity happens.

Steve cheach, GET, global entrepreneurship thailand

Steve’s Success Story

We just wanted him to share some of his success stories to inspire our readers but again, his story is really much more than we expected at first.

It is not a success story that makes me smile, it is a failure.
– Steve Cheah

We were surprised at first and he continues…

Having gone through failures are the time the hard lessons are learned at heart. We think about it much more. It is the failure that creates impact in our lives.
– Steve Cheah

He told us a story about him meeting many business partners. Most of the time they enjoyed talking about success and achievements but what really counts are the conversation that talk about how they have to face difficult situations and how can they manage and handle it.

Failure is just a part of the equation, people can actually gone through many failure before they become success. Once they’ve passed those difficulties, they’ll start learning how to tackle and handle the hard situation.
– Steve Cheah

Steve cheach, GET, global entrepreneurship thailand

Any last word?

Nowadays, more and more companies start to realize the important of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We’re getting into the World of Inclusive Entrepreneurship.

Inclusive Entrepreneurship is more about taking care of community. For example, if you sell something to customers, you’ll need to make sure my customers are kept happy or even make more money so they’ll come back and give you business.

Most of the time talking to small businesses or startup entrepreneurs, we always talk about ‘what is the main purpose of doing business?’. If the answer is with the mindset that they’ll serve the best services to their society. This will surely drive them to bug success.

Acting with purpose and driving with commitment!
– Steve Cheah

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