Strategic Professional Development workshops

A series of 9 essential workshops on Innovation Methods, Effective Leadership and Communication on Purpose brought to you by AKIN ASIA, DSIL Global, Thammasat University School of Global Studies and the Centre for Executive Education, UN University for Peace and Conflict Studies.

Strategic Professional Development is a series of one-day professional development workshops held in Bangkok, Thailand. These workshops aim to support women and men in developing tools for effective leadership, methods of innovation, and communication on purpose.

Studies have shown that leadership, innovation and communication skills are crucial tools for the contemporary world. Effective leadership increases collective productivity, innovation and design-led companies are remarkably successful and powerful communication skills are the foundation of every relationship. Fluid career paths make transferable skills essential and the ability to drive change is highly sought after.

The Strategic Professional Development workshops assist leaders to develop these skills in a highly interactive and experiential format. All workshops are designed to be taken individually or as a full workshop program.

Cross Cutting Transferable Tools and Skills:

  • Leverage the tools you learn and transfer back to your team- all workshops will be taught in a ‘train the trainer’ format
  • Develop the bold mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets of innovators
  • Learn how to connect more deeply with customers, stakeholders and with your team
  • Break through barriers that have kept you stuck
  • Experiment with idea generation, critical thinking, aesthetic ways of knowing, problem-solving and rapid-prototyping
  • Foster a culture that enhances creativity and innovation


courtney Courtney Lawrence,

Courtney Lawrence is based in Southeast Asia where she continues to build DSIL Global into an impact driven social innovation company- including capacity building consulting at D/O and the DSIL Course. She is Adjunct Faculty at Thammasat University, School of Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship and the THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam for in-company programs. From 2006-2014 she served on the Executive Committee of the Swiss-based NGO, World YMCA. Previous to founding DSIL Course and teaching in Japan, she co-founded a US based social enterprise, worked with Ashoka in Washington, D.C. and has since facilitated trainings across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North and South America. She is a Rotary Scholar and holds a Master’s in Sustainable Economic Development and Responsible Management from UPEACE, the UN Graduate School of Peace and Conflict Studies.

katy Katy Grennier,

Katy Grennier has spent a successful career exploring how to co-create learning experiences that help people integrate that learning into their everyday actions and develop the mindset needed to mould it to their context. Out of the 15+ progressive programs she has designed with diverse teams, design thinking has always been at the centre. Katy graduated from the Bill Clinton School of Public Service, is a Rotary Peace Fellow, and is a fully qualified Berkeley Executive Coach. Her latest adventure is discovering the ropes of social enterprise as a co-founder of DSIL Global. She continues to experiment with meaningful ways to build capacity for social impact in South East Asia that incorporates all sectors. See more at



All participants who complete 6 or more workshops will receive a certificate of training issued by: DSIL Global in collaboration with Thammasat University’s School of Global Studies and the Centre for Executive Education of the United Nations Mandated University for Peace.


Design Thinking 101

Create, Innovate and Implement Big Ideas In Your Sector


Developing Self-Awareness in Your Leadership

Identify, Define and Develop Your Leadership Capacity

MAY 19

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Understanding How Intrapersonal Communication Is Affecting Your Life


Strategy That Sticks

Tools To Design Powerful Strategy Meetings For Your Organisation


Building Agile and Effective Multicultural Teams

Embrace Diversity, Encourage Innovation and Lead With Impact


Transforming Conflict in Teams

Complex Problem Solving, Team Management & Communication On Purpose


Driving Breakthrough Innovation

Reframing Organisational Innovation and Driving Radical Change


Leading Change

How To Make Your Organisation More Competitive And Impactful


Organisational Change Through Trust

Build Trust and Communication Strategies For Successful Organisations


These workshops are designed to be taken individually or as a series of workshops by choosing a package below. Package prices provide greater value for money and ensure continued learning

Certified Full Workshop Program x9

Price per workshop: 9,300 THB (265 USD)
Total program cost : 83,700 THB (2,385 USD)

The Full Workshop Program consists of all 9 workshops in Strategic Professional Development. Sign up to complete the full program.

Certified Workshop Program x6

Price per workshop: 10,300 THB (295 USD)
Total program cost: 61,800 THB (1,770 USD)

The Certified Workshop Program consists of any 6 workshops. All participants who complete 6 workshops will receive a certificate of training issued by: DSIL Global in collaboration Text Thammasat University’s School of Global Studies and the Centre for Executive Education of the United Nations University for Peace.

Innovation / Communication / Leadership Workshop Track x3

Price per workshop: 11,300 THB (325 USD)
Total program cost: 33,900 THB (975 USD)

The Innovation / Communication / Leadership Workshop Track is for those who want to specialise in one of these fields. For eg. follow the Leadership track and participate in all 3 Leadership workshops or sign up to the Innovation track and participate in all 3 Innovation workshops.

Single Workshop Pass

Total cost per workshop 12,300 THB (350 USD)

The Single Workshop Pass is a set price for the workshop of your choice.

*Price does not include 7% tax


AKIN ASIA brings together leading professionals from across Southeast Asia. With a focus on celebrating women, our passion lies in networking and creating a space to connect people, share ideas, inspire and educate. Each year, we host a range of workshops and forums on a variety of topics such as the environment and technology, to media and education.

DSIL Global is a Bangkok based social innovation company that is dedicated to scaling impact using design thinking. They operate internationally through their consulting collective, D/O, which works with teams on corporate innovation, international development and experiential education. For practitioners ready to expand their individual impact they offer the DSIL Course, a globally certified professional development training with interactive 10 day field immersions and Virtual Classrooms to build leadership skills in innovation. DSIL Global has partnered with more than 50 pioneering organisations around the world. Get connected:

The School of Global Studies is a new and innovative academic initiative within Thammasat University and a front runner in social innovation within Thailand, Southeast Asia and beyond with a track record of excellent research on determinants of the public’s health, student centered teaching, and academic service relevant to community needs.

Located in Costa Rica, within the United Nations-mandated University for Peace (UPEACE), the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education delivers dynamic courses to leaders from around the world. The Centre reaches out to nonprofit leaders, business executives, educators at all levels, UN staff, students and other professional audiences. The approach to all courses is innovative, interactive, and participantcentered, using case-studies and field trips when appropriate.

Located within CASEAN, Dream Office is an innovative co working space, surrounded with the atmosphere and the people that encourages members to work to their full potential. CASEAN is a platform for ASEAN networking, exchanging of best practices, and facilitating peer-to-peer discussions at the regional level.

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