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Once again with a very great pleasure. Introducing you one of the most success and professional MC & event host in Thailand, Tassama Damdaeng.

Professional Background

Graduated from Major of Arts and Minor of English, Chulalongkorn University. Second class honored, along side with 1st prize winning of French Choir Contest from Triam U-Dom Suksa School in 2001-2003 which can firmly guaranteed how proficiency her English skills are.

With her humble, generous and open-minded character, she quickly steps up into Thailand’s top MC which gets her full scheduled work for a long period of time!

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Life Begins

She starts her career since she was in her high school. Being a pretty girl to represent other brands while they’re on location marketing their products. She worked like this for some period of time and an opportunity dropped on her.

” On that day of work, their official MC was sick. and there’s no one else on the location which has pretty and good looking and actually can speak. So my organizer throw me the microphone and let me stand up and do a public speaking for the first time “

Just only that accident in her work turns her life forever because the real client was there listening to her while she was speaking! On the next day, he told the organizer to give her proper clothes to wear differently from normal pretties and let her do the MC job.

Why MC ?

” It is not just an opportunity but it’s because I love to communicate to people. I love when people listen to my voice and understand some messages I wanted to say. That’s ridiculous! “

MC, Event host, Host, professional, thailand professionals, thailand, professionals

Why not going for Sales Representative, you’ll get more money ?

” Pushing the conversation through sales is not what I appreciated. The reason why MC is different from Sales is that I don’t have to worry about the target. I can just communicate to people to help the company make more sales. That’s what I like more than being an actual Sales person. “

Tough Lessons

By talking with her, we get a lot messages from her real experiences. Many people will obviously see on news about Thailand’s Pretties going in some bad news and action but that’s just a part of the whole story.

Being a professional MC or entertainer needs a lot of knowledge on handling problem in hand immediately. They need to think all the time and remember all the queues while they’re on stage or speaking.

” Most of the time, in a very serious and official conference, everything’s prepared on stage. You’ll need to remember every single steps that is going to happen. Once you step up the stage, everything is your choice. Some mistake might happens but you’ll need to handle it by your own. “

Even while we’re talking, she controls the time as well and the surprise thing is that everything is done within 2 hours as we talked before. So amazing!

” Many people look over some little points in life. They think that just 5 minutes are not important. They can go a little bit late to meet their client. And once they did that, they will just work with this client for one time. No more next time to apologize. “

MC, Event host, Host, professional, thailand professionals, thailand, professionals

English Proficiency Secrets !

She has been asking for so many times on how did she practice her English skills. And this is the answer to that:

” Start with putting English in your normal daily life. Talking and speaking in English with someone you know. Obviously they will improve their English as well. Listen to native speakers often and the best and fun way to do this is watching Foreign Movies and Series. This will greatly improve your listening skills as well as make you familiar with the tone and accent on the natives.

I do not recommended listening and learning through songs, especially Rap songs. They put too much slang words and the accent is not clear enough for starter to learn. “

Now you know the secrets !

She used to speak English with her father which knows just a little bit on English. 2 years later her father can actually speaks English with native speakers ! That’s very powerful !

MC, Event host, Host, professional, thailand professionals, thailand, professionals

10 years experiences to 10 tips from professional MC

  1. Making connection is REALLY important. Not many great MC is success without making any connections. Be humble, introduce yourself and shine.
  2. Still water runs deep. Even you’re mad from what ever things in your life, you’ll have to look nice and kind. Sometimes you have to handle the company’s image within you alone. You obviously can’t screw them up, don’t you ?
  3. Make you you’ll be there and keep your word. Every word from your mouth can actually effects the whole crowd. They might get things planned according to your word. So make sure you’ll be good.
  4. Marketing yourself is important. No one will know you unless you expose yourself to public.
  5. Love what you’re doing and you’ll do what you love.
  6. Keep practicing English
  7. Health is what you’ll have to concern about. You might work straight without day-off for a whole month. Make sure you get good and healthy food to help your body and don’t forget to get enough sleep each day. Say good bye to Alcohol as well
  9. Do not talk bad to other people. You’ll never that the one in front you night be the closest friend to the one you’re talking bad to.
  10. Be HAPPY

Any Last Word ?

” For us to be success in something, you’ll have to know WHAT is you. WHICH are your skills to improve and put everything you have to make it PROFESSIONAL. Love what you do will definitely make you stay in your work for a long time, even forever.

To get directly connected to her, drop us a message to info@thailandprofessionals.com. We’ll connect you to her personally.

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