Vegan Crush

Vegan Crush

Born in the Philippines raised in Germany and at home everywhere I go. As a personal chef specialized in plant-based cuisine and edutainer hosting workshops and special dinner event takes me often to different places around the globe.

Weekly Meal Preparation

Back in 2009 I have decided to quit my job, sell everything that I owned and basically cut my belongings down to only 15 kg. It was such a relieving feeling and it was wonderful to realize that all I needed were in only two backpacks. We have this misconception of having more means, you are more, but to me it felt more having less! I had more freedom, more space, more clarity and more fun!

I left everything behind to embrace the unknown and started a new adventure that I have never regretted ever since. The world has gotten smaller and less mystical after my journey of in total 5 years traveling around the world without staying at a place longer than 4 months. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit over 70 countries and 257 cities and territories, flown hundreds of thousands of miles, slept in all sorts of places, met beautiful faces and discovered culinary highlights that has inspired me with my recipes ever since. Getting out of the comfort zone has a distinctive surprise about what is possible in this precious world, within this precious life. During my journey I have become vegan and been thriving on a plant-based diet since. It was the best thing I could have done for my health, heart and mind. When I gained the knowledge about a plant-based diet I discovered many products and dishes with flavors and textures I never had before and I wanted to take this incredible discovery and share it with the world.

I created dishes using locally available plant-based ingredients in different countries and received much attention from friends, locals and people from all walks of life. Most of the myth and questions I receive was, what can you eat besides salads and fruits? Aren’t you missing vitamins and protein? It is a huge misconception and I wanted not only to tell and show people what plant-based food is all about but I also wanted to give them the opportunity to taste, learn and smell being integrated with all their senses to understand what it can be, and how it is made, at the same time. That’s why I created Vegan Crush Services which offers raw food workshops, cooking classes, and special gourmet dinner events as well as tailored meal preparation (personal chef service). It covers different varieties of plant-based cuisine that provides everything from the following.

Weekly Meal Preparation

Raw Plant-Based Cuisine: Demonstration of how to start eating raw and implementing more raw food to one’s died by recipes created to reveal potential of raw produce that are available and adaptable regardless where one is.

Healthy Plant-Based Cuisine: Dishes to integrate and create that doesn’t require many ingredients and time by only using unprocessed nurturing plant-based products.

Transitioning Plant-Based Cuisine: Food that helps people to understand that plant-based dishes can have textures like meat using seitan, tempeh, legumes etc. and that it has a bigger potential than one might think for example by using nuts as the base for creating authentic cheese alternatives.

Gourmet Plant-based Cuisine: Special Dinner Events where one can experience gourmet fusion plant-based cuisine inspired by famous international dishes.


A fun, creative and educating way that supports individuals to naturally thrive and flourish into a more conscious lifestyle. Focused on healthy, delicious, easy to prepare meals is what Vegan Crush is all about.

Most of my clients and guests are not vegan or vegetarian but they enjoy healthy unprocessed dishes which are filled with nutrients and unique flavors. As a personal chef I am supporting my clients with their diet by preparing meals on a weekly basis, tailored to their preferences and goals. I create a personalized menu, take care of the grocery, prepare the dishes and leave the fridge full with delicious items lasting for the week. This service is perfect for individuals who don’t have time to think about food, but still want to follow a healthy diet.

I cook very intuitively and I am not a by the book cook, or a stickler for measurements. My dishes keep

changing based on my intuition. The inspirations for my dishes derive from pure creativity, love for art and experimental joy. Thus, my menus are a unique fusion of different cuisines and originals. On my regular dinner events you will be spoilt and surprised with delicious vegan ized fusion food that isn’t all just lettuce and bean sprouts and it’s a great way of meeting new people too!

Special Dinner Event

My goal is to tickle and motivate people with my dishes that I create to keep myself and my clients healthy and energetic. Most of us pay more attention about what we are putting in our car or what kind of furniture we buy for our houses, but what we fuel our body with is most of the time neglected. But that should be the priority, because you can only give what you have. If you have love for yourself, you can love others, if you are healthy you can teach others to be healthy, and it all starts with you.

The best thing about what I do are the people. It is my very passion and pleasure to support and help people gain more information and consciousness about healthy real food. We are not only what we eat, but also what our food is nourished by. Take control over your diet and know what you eat. Love yourself and invest in your body.

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