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This time Thailand Professionals introducing you one of the most open-minded group of people which can brings you up the knowledge on how to do business which you’ll never find it out in any School in the World !

YES Club! ( Young Entrepreneur Society Club) was formed with 4 people who graduated from the same university in the past and come back to meet together and reunite with the same ideas of sharing real experiences for SMEs or start-ups to gain knowledge for their own business.

Start from…

After graduated from Assumption University, they all separate to different career and path. Working with many big companies for 10 years. They found out that if small and start-up SME has these information, they would have developed so fast and going successful in short time. After some conversation with the same ideas of sharing their experiences, YES Club was formed.

Start with just small group of people in the club after work, talking about their business and problem they might have and sharing out ideas or suggesting some solutions for others. This create a momentum to go officially online.

‘ YOUNG ‘ definition

YES Club was formed from the idea of sharing ideas and thoughts about business. People who read their articles are a group of people who has potential and energy in their mind. They hold on their hope really tight and start something on their own. So basically ‘YOUNG’ in their meaning in not just a young in ages but in attitude, young in their ideas and young in their entrepreneur soul.

‘YOUNG’ in their meaning in not just a young in ages but in attitude, young in their ideas and young in their entrepreneur soul.

Go Viral

For some time, writing articles, people start looking at their articles! The big thing is that their articles are not based on books nor old thoughts. They write it from their own experiences. With more than 10 years of experiences with 4 specialty in business field, they produce a very useful business tips or even some story that completely grab the audience’s attention to keep reading their articles.

People start to like and share their articles in Facebook page. Some even send them personal message to talk about his problem in their business. This is what a community is.

” I wanted to form an entrepreneur society where each and every person has quite an amount of knowledge to use in there business.”- YES Club

Entrepreneur ?

How to qualify yourself as an entrepreneur is what you need to ask yourself whether you’re one of the entrepreneur or not.

” The ability to take control of your self mindset to go to work and do what it needs to be done. Step out of the norms and start a system” – YES Club

” Believe on the way you’re walking even it has some roughness, go for it. ” – YES Club

Any last word ?

  • 97% of ‘getting ready’ people never ‘get it start’
  • When you’re ready to fight, don’t forget to prepare to fall. But if you never quit, success is yours.
  • Gaining more knowledge on the way to walk to your success. Never quit learning new things.
  • There’s no real friend nor real enemy in business world.


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